Hello! My name is charley, I’m a 24 year old law graduate from Bedfordshire UK.

Instead of committing to a full time career after university I have decided to embark on a journey of travel and discovery where skies are brighter and grass is greener.

Ever since a young age I have always loved being able to visit other countries on holiday and now that I’m a fully grown adult (sort of) I have the opportunity to do it in my own way.

During my adult life I have been lucky enough to live in 4 different countries; the UK, USA, France and Switzerland and am planning to add some more to that list.

This blog is about my passion and desire to travel. After a minor skiing setback I have been putting my dream of travel as a priority and now everything I do in my life is with this aim in mind.

Along with travel, I’m also into climbing, skiing, snowboarding, camping and any other adventures going so you’ll see some of this in my blog posts too.

I want to share my stories and travel plans on this blog with the hope to inspire others who also share the same dreams amd need some motivation to get their butt in gear!

If you have any advice or comments about travel, blogging, adventures or anything else, I’d love to hear them!

Hope you enjoy my blog.

Lets make adventures happen 😉




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